Twas the Night Before Reservation Rebuild

Twas the night before Reservation Rebuild and all through the house

EVERYONE was stirring…well me and my spouse.

The stockings were filled in the washer with care,

Along with modest clothing and much underwear. 


The children were nestled all snug in their beds

While visions of what ifs danced in their heads

With daddy sweating bullets and me freaking out

I started to wonder what this is all about


Would my child see Jesus on the reservation one day?

Would she meet someone wounded by the drink of White Clay?

Would my baby know how to approach and reach out?

My mind is all crazy with worry and doubt.


When what to my wandering mind should appear?

But a vision of The Father to allay all my fear.

“Dear Momma, don’t worry, your baby is fine

Because on the trip I will send along Mine.” 


From the humidity of Arkansas to the Hills of Dakota

Your child will be forever changed by the Lakota

I remind you: TO ME-- all your worries please bring

There is NO safer place than the shelter of My wing!

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